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VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol What is it?

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VoIP has become popular largely because of the significant cost savings to consumers and business over traditional telepone networks. Most Australians pay a flat monthly line rental fee for a telephone service, a flat rate per local telephone calls and a per-minute charge for long-distance calls.

VoIP calls or Voice over IP calls can be placed using your exsisting ADSL Internet conection. Using your Internet connection for both data traffic and voice calls can allow you the consumers to get rid of the flat rate local calls. In addition, VoIP plans do not charge a per-minute fee for long distance. Imageine the savings you or your business will make if all of your local call costs were zero as well as all your interstate and oversease calls.

For International calling, the monetary savings to the consumer from switching to VoIP technology is enormous.

Keeping Your Current Phone Number

Nete-Quette are an authorised dealer for engin

Most Engin phones and voice boxes can connect you to our VoIP service, whilst staying connected to your exsisting phone number. That way people can still call you on your present number, and you can still make outgoing calls with your old provider if there's a powercut or you temporarily lose your broadband connection. Its win win.

How Does VOIP Work?

The Engin VOIP Box connects directly to your broadband internet connection. Simply plug in an Engin voice box that is connected to your existing home phone. Then, when you pick up your phone, we route your calls over the internet using SIP technology (session initiation protocol).

Unlike some VoIP services, with Engin your computer doesn't need to be switched on to make a call, so it doesn't matter whether you use Mac computer or a PC. So long as your broadband internet connection is operating, you will be able to make and receive calls with your Engin VOIP Service.



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