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VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol How much will I save?

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Save Big Money With VOIP
Save with VOIP
Right now you're probably spending a heap on telecommunications. There's line rental charges, your broadband costs, then the cost of each call. Your Telco probably hits you with a call connection fee and a timed call charge for most of your calls.

So, here's what you can start crossing off your total telecommunications bill.

Line Rental

If you are a lucky Australian cable broadband customer you don't need to pay for your phone line. That could be a monthly saving of $30-$100 or more a month right away. You simply make and receive calls with Engin over your exsisting cable connection.

If you are like most Australians and use ADSL broadband then you need to keep paying line rental (your broadband is delivered over your phone line) but you can switch to the lowest cost from your existing provider. For many people that saving will cover the monthly service fee from Engin.

Calls costs

A long distance call costs just 10c on an Engin's Starter plan.If you go up a plan then Its FREE! Both the National and Home Plus plans offer free long distance calls. Calls to some countries are FREE on Home Plus. Compare that to the big Australian Telcos, who can charge 35c and more just to connect your call, with much higher unreasonable timed rates after that. It's easy to see how you'll save on calls with Voice Over IP.

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